Assure Polyclinic is a multi specialty clinic in Ahmadabad, bringing together highly qualified specialists with vital ancillary services to provide optimal care for patients of all ages. We offer primary care, specialty care, and an array of support services At Assure Poly Clinic, you get the cutting edge medical services with a personalized touch and affordable charges. Assure Poly Clinic is one of the best Hair loss , weight loss and Skin treatment centers in Gujarat. We have experience Doctor for Skin , Weight and Hair treatment. We provide best services which includes path lab test and consultancy as per need and flexibility of patient.

The advanced equipment combined with expertise ensures the best in diagnostic, curative as well as preventive aspects of healthcare The practicing physicians and surgeons at Assure Poly Clinic are seasoned doctors with excellent track record and expertise gained by working in some of the most reputed hospitals in India.

 We wish to express our sincere gratitude to the citizens and various expatriate communities of this country for their trust and confidence in us.