Few years back hair loss was a major problem but this concept has changed in the present world. There are plenty of alternatives available to eliminate hair loss problems. Among all such available alternatives hair transplantation is the most advanced and trusted measure to get rid of all hair problems permanently. It is because of the fact that it is a procedure that uses specialized technology to assure permanent and long lasting results. Hair transplant works on the natural concept of hair growth and thus it yields more natural and trustworthy results as compared to other available alternatives like hair weaving or bonding, etc.
There are two types of procedures for hair transplant:
1. F.U.E. (Follicle Unit Extraction): This is a state of the heart procedure which is normally used in practice everywhere in the world now. Assure Polyclinic strongly recommend and follow F.U.E method. In this methods, with the help of specialized techniques and instruments individual hair follicles are moved from a part of the body called the ‘donor site’ to another part of the body known as the ‘recipient/bald site’.
 In almost all cases the donor area is area with permanent hair growth like back or sides of the scalp.
2. F.U.T. (Follicular UnitTransplantation): In this method, a strip of the scalp is incised by the surgeon from the donor area and its follicles are then extracted and implanted over the recipient or bald area. This is now an old age method as it involves stiches and scarring.
Doctors of Assure Polyclinic are here to give you desirable results which may vary from person to person.
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